The "Masters Of The Sun" concert tour, headlined by the six-time Grammy Award-winning group Black Eyed Peas, represented a monumental task for us. Our mission was to create an all-encompassing design and animation solution that would encapsulate every aspect of the tour, from the stage structure to the merchandise, all unified under a single, cohesive vision.
Our team developed a comprehensive visual identity that resonated throughout the tour pivotal in creating a consistent and immersive experience for the audience.
The centerpiece of our design was the innovative stage, shaped like a pyramid. This structure was multifunctional, serving not only as a dynamic performance space but also as the emblematic logo of the tour.
We crafted a series of animated graphics along with light show and stage effects coordinated with the music and choreography to achieve maximum overall impact of the performances.
Results and Impact
Global Reach: The tour was a triumph, with hundreds of thousands of visitors attending sold-out shows worldwide.
Social Media Buzz: There was significant resonance across social media platforms, where fans shared their experiences and highlighted the tour's innovative design and animation work.
Audience Engagement: The tour's success was not just in its numbers but also in the lasting impression it left on its audience, thanks to the unique and immersive experience created by our unified design approach.

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