Graphic Novel: Our studio was at the forefront of creating the graphic novel, which was later published by MARVEL. This piece set the foundation for the immersive experiences that followed.
Narrative Experience: Pushing the boundaries of storytelling, we developed a 90-minute animated VR adventure, enhancing the graphic novel with a depth of interaction and immersion.
Collaborations and Accolades: The project was a collaborative effort with MARVEL and OCULUS, gaining an exclusive edge in the realm of animated storytelling.
A highlight of "Masters Of The Sun" was the involvement of the late Stan Lee, who lent his voice as the narrator. This project became one of the final appearances of this legendary figure in the industry, adding a layer of historical significance.
The project's score was masterfully crafted by Hans Zimmer, creating an auditory landscape that complemented the visual storytelling. The voice cast was a roster of stars including Queen Latifah, Jamie Foxx, Jason Isaacs, and Slick Rick, each adding their unique flair to the characters.
"Masters Of The Sun" made its grand debut at the Sundance Film Festival, followed by a presentation at the Cannes Film Festival, signaling its recognition and acclaim in both the animation and film communities.
From its garage origins to international film festivals, "Masters Of The Sun" stands as a testament to our studio's commitment to innovative storytelling, technical prowess, and collaborative spirit. This project not only pushed the boundaries of traditional animation but also left an indelible mark on the industry, thanks to its creative vision and the remarkable talents involved.
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